November 12, 2019

Handy Market

These coffees are currently on sale at Handy Market. Get to know the source of these coffees better and read tasting notes.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Waghi Valley Kenta

Kenta Plantation Mill is named after the community and village where it is located. The mill, built in 2011, ferments the coffee cherries for around two days before being fully washed. Local women rake and rotate the coffee as it dries, over a period of 6–9 days. The majority of the coffee in this area is Bourbon, Typica, and Arusha.

Cupping Notes: Juicy and very fruity with cherry, grapefruit and caramelized sugar flavors and tart fruit acidity.

COLOMBIA Organic Tolima

This coffee is produced by the Juan Café Association, comprised of 35 coffee-producing families in Tolima. Each family farms an average of 7 hectares, with about 5 hectares planted in coffee: A mix of varieties are grown, many of which are cultivars developed for productivity and disease resistance. This allows them to focus on organic practices such as use of non-chemical fertilizer and pest management. Many of the association members are multi-generational coffee growers, dedicated to maintaining the traditions of their families.

The coffee is picked ripe, depulped on traditional machines, and fermented underwater for 18 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 10–12 days.

Cupping Notes: Sugary with toffee-like sweetness, lemon, red grape, rich chocolate

ETHIOPIA Genji Challa

Genji Challa is a cooperative that produces highly anticipated Western Ethiopian coffees each year. Popular for their wet process coffees, they’ve recently started producing dry process as well. The whole coffee cherries are floated in water to remove any “floaters” – underripe coffee that is lower quality – before moving to raised beds to finish drying over the course of about two weeks. The co-op was formed as part of an initiative to aid farmers in a more comprehensive way, but they have since “graduated” from this and are now part of an independent, local Union who assist the cooperatives with functions like marketing, exporting, and general representation on an international scale.

Cupping Notes: Layers of fruited flavors interspersed by rustic sweeteners, cherry, fruit jam, berry fruit leather and apricot fruit nectar.