Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyakabingo – 10 oz


The Nyakabingo coffee washing station, located in the Nyamasheke district, is named after the hill where it resides. There are 329 farmers who are currently registered as selling their coffee to the Nyakabingo site. All coffee delivered receives the typical front line sorting at the gate, hand picking out any under and over ripe coffee cherries and then soaking the coffee in tanks of clean water in order to skim away any “floaters” (over ripe coffee) that were missed. The coffee is depulped, fermented, channel graded, and then moved to drying patios. “Channel grading” is the process of moving the coffee from the fermentation tanks down a series of narrow cement channels that they fill with water, the densest coffee settling on the bottom, while the lighter, lower grades float and continue on down to the end. Amazingly, they are able to separate 5 different grades using this method, A1 being the highest grade and densest beans, which is what this coffee is.

Cupping Notes: Baked goods with dried fruit accents, honey, floral, hibiscus flower tea, cinnamon spice.

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