Colombia Yamid Quinayas – 10 oz


This is a very special coffee from the multi-generational Quinayas family. The Quinayas are very isolated geographically and culturally from the specialty coffee-producing community in Huila. They’re blessed with soils high in organic matter, good rainfall, and lots of shade trees with old varieties.

Yamid works alongside his brother-in-law Hugo, processing their coffee on a shared mill, and drying in a beautiful dryer that they built together. To process, Yamid floats the cherries to remove under- and over-ripes, and then intentionally leaves cherries for an initial “cherry ferment” for 24 hours. From there, coffee is de-pulped and left to ferment in a low oxygen environment in sealed pickle barrels for 12-36 hours. The coffee is then moved to a nylon bag where remaining liquid is left to drain out further before tranferring to a new two-story dryer where it’s carefully tended to on platforms under shade for almost a month. The structure provides protection from direct sunlight, but allows full ventilation, ensuring that the moisture leaves the bean over a slow and steady process, helping to keep the coffee stable and lock in the quality for much longer.

Cupping Notes: Honey, molasses, cream, citrus acidity.