The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, genius behind the world record-setting Aerobie flying disc. Simple in construction and simple to use, the AeroPress produces a rich cup of coffee by using air pressure to force water through the coffee grounds, extracting a greater amount of flavor compared to more traditional brewing methods. We love it because it’s inexpensive, easy to clean, easy to travel with (top pick for taking on trips), and fun to use!

You Will Need: AeroPress | Coffee Grinder | Kettle
The following items are what we like to use and are available through Amazon by clicking on the images. Additional suggestions are provided at the bottom of the page.
Coffee Grinder
Electric KettleElectric Kettle

Measure 2x the amount of water that fills your mug (e.g. 16 oz for an 8 oz mug).
Heat to about 205˚ Fahrenheit or boil and let cool a bit before brewing.
Swirl some of this water in your mug to preheat it. Discard before brewing.


Insert filter into filter cap and attach to coffee chamber.


Measure one full scoop of beans using the provided measuring spoon.


Grind coffee to medium coarseness, like coarse salt.


Add grounds to chamber and place on your favorite mug.


Pour water up to the 3-1/2 mark.


Stir with included paddle until grounds are fully saturated.
Insert the plunger just far enough to stay on its own. This creates
an air-tight seal and will keep the water from dripping through too soon.

Spend 90 seconds setting up your favorite chair while the coffee brews.


Push the plunger with slow and even pressure.
If it’s too easy your grounds may be too coarse.
If the resistance is too hard, the grounds are too fine.
Stop when there’s no more water and you hear air escaping.
Pressing into the grounds can introduce bitterness into the cup.


Plop into your chair, put your feet up, and enjoy your AeroPressed coffee!


Choices are a good thing! Here are more suggestions for items you might want in your coffee cabinet.

GRINDERS: A blade grinder is inexpensive, compact, and beats using a hammer but burr grinders produce more uniform and consistent grounds and allow you to set the size of your grind.

Small & Economical
Good Quality & Easy to Use
Pro Choice for Home

KETTLES: Sure, you can just heat up a pot of water but features like a gooseneck are invaluable for accurate pouring, electric kettles are more user-friendly than stove top, and temperature controls help you nail the proper temps for ideal brewing (the kettle shown at the top of the page incorporates all of these features).

Affordable Stovetop
Plug-In Convenience
Our Top Pick!


Reusable Filter